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What will be possible in future passes?

Bronze Pass (Future Enhancements up to 2025)

Enhanced Virtual Collaboration Spaces

By 2025, Bronze pass holders may have access to beginner-friendly virtual collaboration spaces, where they can team up with other users for learning and project development.

AI-Powered Learning Assistants

Introduction of AI assistants to guide users through the basics of Web3 and digital creation, offering personalized learning paths based on individual progress and interests.

Community-Driven Project Initiatives

Opportunities to participate in community-driven projects, encouraging collaboration and practical application of learned skills.

Silver Pass (Future Enhancements up to 2025)

Advanced Tool Customization

Users might be able to customize tools to suit their specific creative needs, leveraging AI to suggest optimizations and enhancements.

Exclusive Access to Beta Features

Early access to experimental features and tools, providing a platform for feedback and influence on future development.

Digital Asset Trading and Exchange Platform

Access to a specialized platform within UniAPT for trading or exchanging digital assets created using UniAPT tools, fostering a creator’s economy.

Gold Pass (Future Enhancements up to 2025)

One-on-One Expert Mentorship

Regular, personalized mentorship sessions with industry experts in blockchain and digital creation.

Access to High-End Marketplace

An exclusive marketplace for high-end digital assets and collaborations, including potential commercial opportunities

Invitations to Global UniAPT Conferences

Invitations to attend or participate in global conferences, either virtually or in person, focusing on the latest trends in Web3 and digital creation.

Ruby Pass (Future Enhancements up to 2025)

Influence in UniAPT’s Development Roadmap

Direct involvement in shaping the development roadmap of UniAPT, including voting rights on major project directions.

Exclusive Access to Elite Networking Circles

Entry into high-profile networking circles, including industry leaders, innovators, and top-tier creators.

Customized Virtual Environments

Ability to create and personalize virtual environments within the UniAPT meta-universe, tailored to individual or business needs.

Cross-Pass Developments

Inter-Pass Interaction and Benefits

Enhanced interaction between different pass levels, such as mentor-mentee programs between Gold and Bronze users.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility Initiatives

Integration of sustainability goals, allowing pass holders to contribute to social and environmental projects through the UniAPT platform.

By 2025, these enhancements and new functionalities aim to significantly enrich the value proposition of each pass. They will not only cater to the varying needs and aspirations of different user segments but will also foster a more interconnected, innovative, and socially responsible UniAPT community.

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